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Invasion of computer based Practice Management Systems (PMS) revolutionized the way physicians handled patient information, billing and insurance claims. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) will have a similar impact in forthcoming years. Practice Management Systems has brought up several shortcomings that today's physician must resolve in order to improve the overall quality of care reduce malpractice liability and dictation/transcription costs... more >>

Complete suite of online medical practice management tools.
Designed to meet everyday challenges of health care management and maintenance.
Quick, secured access from anywhere in the world at any time at a fraction of the cost.
Rich media/video streaming and publishing platform.
Supports live streaming or video-on-demand use.
Tested in high traffic environments, and proven to give effective and reliable content delivery.
Centralized security solution to all password protected applications.
Just one Login ID and one password to access all applications, programs and websites.
STOS launched Virtual Plan 2.0, the second release of its online project management... more >>

stosOFFICE3.0™ Launched!
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